Hail storm damaged cars

Among the variety of solutions for cars damaged by hail, Levabolli or Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) technician is efficient and economical method providing optimal result. This professional figure is qualified in hail damage repair using special techniques to return damaged parts of a car to their original state.

For over 25 years Stefano Terragni remains trusted partner in hail damage repair going far beyond standard service. In addition to repairing hail marks on damaged cars, we deal with eliminating all dents caused by small bumps, flaps or manufacturing defects.

Stefano Terragni offers hail repair services to body shops, car dealers and manufacturers, car rentals and depots, trucking companies and even private clients on international level.

Stefano Terragni excellence in Hail Damage Repair can be measured by following qualities:

• quality

• speed

• professionalism

• dynamism

• efficiency

• confidentiality

• convenience.

This set of factors also defines our attitude to performance and communication with clients both in terms of quote of damage as well as in terms of immediate results. 25 years of experience in the field along with continuous technological growth allow us use increasingly innovative and effective methods for repairing cars damaged by hailstorms or small bumps.

Contact our offices to request a customized quote. Our team of consolidated professionals is at your disposal for any information on our services.