Auto body shops

Car bodywork repair from hail and small bumps is one of the main fields applying paintless dent removal technology by Stefano Terragni. During 25 years of experience in hail repair we reached wide pool of body shops throughout Italy extending on international market.

Stefano Terragni offers cost-effective and high-quality solution to repair your car from bumps and hail in an easy and efficient way. We use innovative techniques to eliminate stamps, hail dents and small bumps of various kinds in a perfect, rapid and economical way. All operations are performed without any need to fill, repaint or even without necessity to dismantle the damaged parts.

We maintain high quality standards to maintain strong and reliable partnerships with body shops. Hail, small bumps and various dents are completely eliminated from car body in an effective and timely manner satisfying requests from body shops in short terms and with the utmost accuracy. We operate on every brand and model of car available on the market.

Excellent solution for eliminating stamps, hail dents and small bumps provided by Stefano Terragni is a perfect base for body shops to get a trusted partner ensuring financial benefits and short delivery times.