During 20 years of experience in hail repair we constantly extend our client range offering offers cost-effective and high-quality solution to repair your car from bumps and hail in an easy and efficient way.

We use innovative techniques to eliminate stamps, hail dents and small bumps of various kinds that vehicles can suffer in a perfect, rapid and economical way. Effective Paintless Dent Removal techniques use a system of levers and suction cups allowing you to restore the shape of the body without resorting to painting.

Our client geography goes includes Italy and Europe featuring constant relationships with body shops, dealers, insurance companies, car manufacturers, trucking companies, car depots and rentals.

All operations are performed without any need to fill, repaint or even without necessity to dismantle the damaged parts. Our service will perfectly suit removal operations for dents caused by car transportation from manufacturers to dealers as well as manufacturing defects and imperfections procured during the assembly phase in the factory.

Our service range includes:

- removal of hail dents or small bumps;

- removal of dents caused by car transportation from manufacturer to dealer;

- manufacturing defects and imperfections caused during car assembly at the factory.

We also provide beneficial solutions for private vehicles fixing all types of body damage caused by hail as well as dealing with dents from parking doors and small bumps of various kinds. Personal skills of our experts and high performance standards ensure excellent results including homogeneous coloring and polishing of car’s bodywork.

Discover features of all our services and contact our specialists for a free customized quote.