Are you in search of high quality hail damage repair professional service in Italy? Well, you have just found it; and we are also available to travel abroad.

The job of hail paintless dent removal, which consists in repairing cars damaged by storms, small bumps and any kind of dent, was born inside the biggest car manufacturer firms, in order to remove the imperfections and small bumps which occurred while assembling cars in the production line or when moving them from the factory to the resellers.

During those years car companies understood the potentiality of this job and started organizing classes teaching the techniques to repair cars damaged by different kind of small dents besides hail ones. These classes were attended mainly by in-house workers and only later some skilled artisans exported out of the car manufacturers these teachings, passing them on to all those who were willing to learn a real art.

How and when Stefano Terragni turned all this into its precise hail damage repair professional service? We started in Italy in the nineties, with internships at the leading companies of the hail dent removal sector, in order to acquire the necessary skills and expertise. Today, we offer our assistance to clients located all over Europe as well. Thanks to the experience gained in twenty five years, our system of hail damage repair is characterized by professionalism: Italy and Europe’s vehicles have never been this prepared to face storms related deteriorations. Indeed we guarantee reliability and accuracy in performance; we also offer an impeccable and efficient service on every model of car.

The ongoing technological updating and the discover of new techniques of hail damage repairing make us more than professional and efficient: it allows us to carry out ourbusiness byensuring the highest quality, operating with the utmost competence in Italy and in Europe.

We are specialized both in new cars, eliminating defects in manufacturing, as well as in used ones, renovating and repairing the body; we also perform hail dent removalservices at large self storage parks, car manufacturers, car dealerships and body shops.