Car Dealers

Stefano Terragni repairs dents and imperfections on bodyworks of vehicles directly on the sites of dealerships and car showrooms.

The movement of cars from manufacturers to retailers often causes dents to car’s bodywork or sometimes new cars have imperfections produced during the assembly phase including molding undulations and protuberances).

Imperfections and dents on vehicle bodywork create a serious problem for dealerships and showrooms while Stefano Terragni is the solution to eliminate damage quickly, cheaply and effectively, using appropriate methodologies, without filler and without need of repainting.

Stefano Terragni repairs car body dents in an easy and quick way, offering a quality and latest techniques thanks to extended experience accumulated over more than 25 years of activities.

Our Paintless Dent Removal service offers excellent results even on used vehicles, eliminating small and medium hail or other dents caused by doors, parking maneuvers and vandalism. We bring cars back their value for quick comeback on the market.